Board of Directors

We are a volunteer-led non-profit that is focused on growth, structure, and sustainability in our business community.

Seventeen professionals represent our Board of Directors and together – they share the common goal of business growth and development. Our Board Members are instrumental in determining our Chamber’s policies and strategies.

From left to right front row:
Julia Powers (Secretary); Tammy Parks (President); Eric Hermanson (Vice-President); Kristin Johnson (VP of Education); Amanda Gogolak (Member-at-Large); Angelia Cornatzer (VP of Young Professionals); Morgan Reitzel (VP of Community Service – Clemmons); Mike McGilvary (VP of Leadership Development); Tiffany Birdsong (VP of Nonprofits)

From left to right back row:
Shea Crutchfield (VP of Meetings & Events); Denise Heidel (Executive Director); Dwayne Thompson (VP of Membership); Thao Sommerville (Member-at-Large); Ray Mitchell (VP of Marketing); Wendy Taylor (VP of Networking); Debbie McCliment (Executive Member-at-Large)

Not pictured:
Philip Averett (VP of Human Resources); Brad Hunter (Member-at-Large); Jennifer Locklear (VP of Community Service – Lewisville); John Mann (Ex-Officio); Fuller Parham (Treasurer)

2023 board of directors

  • President: Tammy Parks, Parks Decorative Hardware and Plumbing
  • Vice-President: Eric Hermanson, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
  • Secretary: Julia Powers, Hege Financial Group
  • Treasurer: Fuller Parham, Triad Business Bank
  • Executive Member-at-Large: Debbie McCliment, Allegacy Federal Credit Union
  • VP of Community Service – Clemmons: Morgan Reitzel, Leonard Ryden Burr
  • VP of Community Service – Lewisville: Jennifer Locklear, Lewisville Family Counseling
  • VP of Education: Kristin Johnson, Historic Broyhill
  • VP of Meetings: Shea Crutchfield, Mosquito Authority
  • VP of Leadership Development: Mike McGilvary, Marzano Capital Group
  • VP of Marketing: Ray Mitchell, Made for You Media
  • VP of Membership: Dwayne Thompson, Habitat for Humanity Davie
  • VP of Networking: Wendy Taylor, Keller Williams
  • VP of Young Professionals: Angelia Cornatzer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • VP of Non-Profits: Tiffany Birdsong, Fostering Faith Foundation
  • VP of Human Resources: Philip Averett, TRU Tae Kwon Do
  • Member-at-Large: Brad Hunter, Hunter Realty & Property Management
  • Member-at-Large: Amanda Gogolak, Be Kind Coffee Co.
  • Member-at-Large: Thao Sommerville, Powerful Peace of Mind
  • Ex-Officio: John Mann, Novant Health


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