michael mcgilvary

Michael McGilvary

President, Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber

Financial Planner, Marzano Capital Group

As we enter 2020, I feel this organization has built an incredibly strong footprint in our community. This past year was a very successful year for the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, and I hope we can continue to build on the momentum from 2019’s Business Boot Camp Theme (many thanks to Ditra Miller, Kristin Johnson and the 2019 board of directors for this)! Like many of you have already expressed to me, I also am very excited about our theme as we move forward, and I hope the membership jumps all in on this one, 2020 Vision!
So, what is your 2020 Vision? Have you put thought into it? I am of the mindset you need a 2020 Vision for not only your business but your personal life. I believe If you can be successful in your personal life, you will almost certainly be successful in your professional life. Where should you start? For me, I organize my thoughts. I am a visual person, and this helps me breakdown my goals into more attainable steps without becoming overwhelmed.
Once I have performed this outline of my Vision, I start focusing on the activities I can control. One of my mentors early on in my business drilled into me to focus on what you can control first and foremost. If you want to be in better shape physically, you must consistently do the activities to help you achieve your fitness milestones. If you want to grow yourself professionally, you are going to have to set parameters for yourself to monitor your progress. Maybe you want a professional designation specific to your line of work, how will you get there? Consistency is a great start!
quote - focus on what you can control
Working in the service world, for me to be successful, I need to track my activity. How many appointments did I make today? How many quality conversations did I have to fill my business pipeline? I know these specific points of focus may not be relevant to every profession represented in the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, but make sure it’s customized for you!
It also helps me to remember I can rely on my team to help me carry out my Vision. I want to give a shoutout to Brad Hunter of Hunter Realty and Property Management for his comments at the last monthly meeting. He made mention of, “who makes up your team of 9?” This is a baseball/softball reference, but it is very specific to life in general. Always remember to leverage your network! And more importantly, remember to support your network when they need some expertise in return.
I believe this Chamber focuses on networking better than any other similar organization around, in my opinion! Why is this, you think? Maybe it is because we have so many quality businesses represented and down to earth people willing to work as a team for the betterment of our community. That is my takeaway! So, I ask again, what does 2020 look like for you? Let the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber help you bring clarity to your 2020 Vision!
See you on the 14th!

Michael McGilvary


Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce
3540 Clemmons Road, Suite 112
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