Chrystal Yates: Residential Real Estate Expert

Chrystal Yates has been selling real estate since 2006. She saw (and survived!) the housing market crash of 2008, and now — she’s witness to another real estate extreme — a supply and demand shortage. But whatever the real estate market conditions, Chrystal has the tenacity to weather the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing real estate industry.

“My career/business is entirely based on trustworthy communication,” said Chrystal. “I believe in being totally transparent with my clients — it’s part of how I look out for them and their best interests, whether I’m representing the buyer, the seller, or both.

“I have a direct personality,” she continued. “I expect honesty from others, and so I also give it to them.”

In addition to strong communication skills, Chrystal brings a great deal of flexibility to the table. “Flexibility is key because if 2020 taught us anything, we have to be able to adapt. Besides, no two people are the same, and no two real estate transactions are ever the same. We are constantly re-grouping, modifying, adjusting, and shifting to make things work within the parameters of the real estate framework. Having a strong understanding of the process has enabled me to be far more flexible during challenging times.”

Chrystal also loves to share knowledge. “I have a weekly blog on my website that covers a variety of real estate topics — whether I am defining confusing terminology, giving recommendations for how to buy, sell, or process multiple offers, my website features a library of resources meant to help others navigate the road of real estate.

“I know it can get overwhelming and confusing,” she continued. “I want to educate others and help them through the process as efficiently as possible. I also want my clients to know that they can contact me both before or after a transaction and have the confidence that I will do what I can to help them.”

All of this has helped Chrystal become one of the most trusted real estate professionals in the area. She is consistently recognized as a top performer, and in 2019, she won the prestigious Barbara Tate Legendary Service Award.

Chrystal is eager to serve. In the last year, she hasn’t slowed down but has continued to thrive and grow, helping her clients navigate offers and process through multiple bids. “The market is like nothing I’ve ever seen, but I am thankful to have so many great clients who have entrusted me to help them and then referred me to others.”

Chrystal Yates has been a Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber member since 2015.  Contact Chrystal at or 336-399-3873.  You can visit her website at  Be sure to follow her on Facebook and like her on Instagram.