Timmy V.O.:  Talking to Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson has a memorable voice — a voice that makes you stop and listen. And though he has a background in education, he found a new way to teach — by lending his voice to others.

“I was a ninth-grade world history teacher,” Tim explained. “And I also worked with special needs students and didn’t job coaching at Goodwill. I loved being in the classroom, but after years of friends and colleagues suggesting that I consider voice work, I decided to explore the options.”

Those options began with working with a voice coach and honing his natural talent. “I took classes and learned how to project and speak, but also how to edit and produce my voice. I also attended V.O. Atlanta, the largest voice over conference in the country.

“Through this, I learned how to utilize my voice to help educate in a new way — primarily through e-Learning scripts,” Tim continued. “I have really enjoyed producing audible education segments to help students who may benefit from auditory learning programs. I’ve also been able to use my voice in video games, radio work, and commercials.”

For Tim, he’s taken his gift of speaking and found a new business venture. “I enjoy working with local businesses,” he said. “I’ve built my own up to be a one-stop-shop to include voice work, video, and photography. I’ve also fostered a ‘coopetition’ with other videography businesses, offering my voice to help them with their own productions. It’s a win-win.”

Tim is a big advocate for taking care of the community and serves in the local Rotary. “It’s an honor to be a part of something that extends beyond me and help continue to serve and educate through my voice.”

Timmy V.O. has been a Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber member since 2018! Visit timmyvo.com to learn more or call Tim at 984-377-7611.