Meet Mark: The Man Behind Talk of the Town

If you’ve been affiliated with the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce for any length of time, the name “Mark Morphies” is a familiar one. In six short years with the chamber, Mark’s name has become synonymous with his business brand, Talk of the Town.

“My business is so relational,” said Mark, “And it’s the perfect line of work for me and my wife, Lisa. It aligns with who we are as people. Lisa and I have been married for 37 years, and have three sons, two daughters-in-love and three grandsons. Our priorities start with our faith, then our family, friends, and our business.

“While my business is about advertising opportunities, my job isn’t to sell anyone anything. It’s to evaluate their best interest, as well as mine. Some people may disagree with my approach. After all, it’s tempting to simply secure every new contract we can, but that’s not the way we operate. We want our business to be a good fit for the ones who advertise with us. But equally important to us is that they are a good fit for us.”

Mark continued, “Some people operate their business by the Golden Rule — ‘Treat others the way you would want to be treated.’ But I have a different rule to do business: ‘Treat clients the way we would want people to treat our children.’ This attitude makes a powerful difference in our business relationships because, at the end of the day — our goal goes far beyond our customers’ return on investment…. We want to be a part of their success.”

In his free time, Mark and his family enjoy taking care of their family farm. He is a certified beekeeper, and their farm is also home to cows, chickens, turkeys, horses, and of course — their dogs and cats. Mark said, “Whether I’m spending time with my family, networking at a business meeting, or taking care of our animals — whatever I do — I strive to do with integrity and excellence.”

Talk of the Town has been a Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber member since 2014! Click the link to learn more or reach Mark directly at (336) 255-1724.