Clemmons Courier

News and journalism are hot topics these days. There’s no shortage of national and regional news outlets, but what about the small-town local news? Often the news of the small town gets overlooked when covered by larger outlets. But for Lewisville and Clemmons residents — the Clemmons Courier has been providing local news since 1960.

The Clemmons Courier’s editor, general manager, and regional digital manager, Mark Bee, takes great pride in communicating weekly news that local residents can trust. “We focus on reports from the local government councils, updates on new things in our community, and of course, we love to feature people — they are the very heartbeat of the Lewisville and Clemmons communities.

“For example,” Mark continued, “We work closely with organizations who are actively engaged in strengthening the community, including the Clemmons Community Foundation who has recently provided our readers with weekly updates on scholarships.  As important as those programs are, we also share the stories behind the scholarships’ philanthropists, profiling the people who establish, or even inspire, said scholarships.”

Mark shared, “Our circulation is strong with over 1500 subscribers a week, but our digital numbers have skyrocketed. In 2020, our website traffic doubled, and we enjoy over 5000 unique visitors per month on our website.

“This is great news because, in addition to being the community news source, we are also a digital agency. We work with small businesses in the area on digital campaigns, geofencing, programmatic banner display,  OTT-CTV,  customized email solutions, SEM, Google Ad Words, and even website construction.  We love helping other businesses thrive in unique, diversified ways.

“Being a part of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce has been a great value to us,” said Mark. “We have longevity in the community that gives us great credibility among our readers and the businesses we serve.  But we also enjoy the opportunity to connect in a richer way. We are proud of how the Clemmons Courier has grown and evolved to support the ever-changing needs of our entrepreneurial community.”

The Clemmons Courier is a Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber member! Visit or call 336-766-4126.