The Services at Blackburn Consulting

Audrey Blackburn has always dared to be different. She never settles for less than the best, and that motivation has driven her to success throughout her life. So when she decided to open Blackburn Consulting over 5 years ago, it was that same determination and commitment to excellence that quickly accelerated her business to where it is today.

“In 2020,” Audrey shared, “after operating Blackburn Consulting from a home office, I opened our brick and mortar location. It’s been amazing. Opening an office space has enabled the business to grow as I envisioned it years ago. We’re able to meet with clients now and offer additional services. Our full range of services means we can work with businesses, nonprofits, or individuals.” We still are open to meeting with clients virtually as we serve clients all over the US.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

“Accounting and bookkeeping are foundational to Blackburn Consulting,” explained Audrey. “We recognize that every organization — whether business or nonprofit — has a unique set of needs. So we handle each client’s situation with a unique approach. We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented so that our clients can be confident in where their money is going and have a solid understanding of their organization’s bottom line.”


“Timely payroll is essential,” Audrey said. “Taking care of employees should always be the first priority of any employer. However, dealing with payroll can be such a headache. Organizations can delegate this responsibility to us and trust that their payroll processes will be handled with due diligence and accuracy.”

Sales Tax

“Uncle Sam will always get his,” Audrey laughed. “No one wants to deal with sales tax, but those taxes are a reality one must face if they are in business. We have the in-house expertise to process sales tax for businesses and ensure that payments are made in a timely fashion.” Remove this entire section. Don’t need to mention sales tax.

Training & Consulting

Audrey shared, “One of my favorite things to do is to educate others. I believe in the importance of ongoing education. And I have made advisory services a part of my business model from Day 1. Whether it’s offering QuickBooks training or helping clients navigate strategic planning or analyzing cash flow — Blackburn Consulting offers a variety of training and consulting services that can help businesses and nonprofits streamline and stay focused.”

Tax Prep

“The newest service on our menu is tax prep,” said Audrey. “We are looking for individuals or businesses who are interested in long-term relationship building. We aren’t a quick-stop tax shop, but we are interested in working with those who want a trusted resource to help them navigate the ever-changing rules of tax laws, credits, and deductions.”

“I am so proud of my team and the ability to serve the people of this community,” said Audrey. “Blackburn Consulting is a growing, thriving business, and we love to watch others grow and thrive as well!”

Blackburn Consulting has been a Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber member between 2015 – 2017, and again since 2019! Learn more! Blackburn Consulting is located at 5116 US-158 #102 in Advance. Call the office at 336.940.4180 or visit online at