360 Health is Expanding

Eleanor Russell has carved a niche for herself in the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce through her business, 360 Health. As a wellness architect, she specializes in offering her clients solutions that fit with their lifestyle through the Shaklee product line and business opportunity. Plus, she’s introducing a new service, Contact Mapping, as well as podcasting!


“I believe that everyone needs comprehensive health — in all areas of their life,” shared Eleanor. “With Shaklee, I’m able to share about innovative new products, including customizable solutions through the Me-ology program as well as the new immunity support line — which is understandably crucial in our world today.

“Shaklee also offers healthy financial rewards,” Eleanor continued. “The products are great, but I also love to share the business opportunity. As crucial as our physical health is, we have to be financially fit too. Shaklee has paved the way for myself and others to be financially healthy.”


Eleanor is also introducing a new service to the 360 Health business model — Contact Mapping. “I was intrigued by Contact Mapping for the simple fact — we all need a way to nourish and grow healthy relationships — whether it’s family, friends, business associates, customers, or colleagues. It’s all about communication health. I know from my years with Shaklee how important networking skills are and now with our COVID world — more important than ever. I have found that Contact Mapping gives me a way to ‘humanize’ my address book. It’s a great tool for any business person or entrepreneur — it’s a way to manage communication and contacts in an organized fashion.”


As part of her ongoing effort to be a resource, Eleanor will soon launching a podcast with fellow-chamber member Kristen Norton, RD, LDN of Well-Balanced Nutrition. “Our podcast,” Eleanor explained, “is called ‘The Health Geeks Book Club,’ and we’ve been working with local podcast expert Tim Beeman of ‘The Less Desirables.’ The podcast is based on our Facebook book club (which anyone is welcome to join!), and together, Kristen and I offer a focused evaluation and review of the books our club is reading.”

Eleanor is a woman who is full of passion, energy, and ideas. She loves to partner and network with others in order to share ways to improve life from every corner of our 360 degrees of living.

360 Health has been a Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber member since April 2015! Learn more by calling 336.766.7777 or visit online at www.360Health4U.com. Click here to learn about Contact Mapping.