February Meeting Minutes

Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting

February 12, 2013

Jorge Vidal opened the February general meeting and welcomed everyone .  He introduced the caterer, Tim Miller, with Simply Southern Cuisine.  Tim spoke briefly about the services that Simply Southern provides.  Jorge next introduced new chamber member, Jim Publicover, with Amulet Business Advisors.  Jorge next welcomed the guests in attendance.

A motion was made by Maggie Moe to accept the minutes from the January meeting.  Claudia Page seconded the motion.  All chamber members agreed and the minutes were approved.

Jorge then introduced Sarah Olsen with The Meadowbrook House who gave a presentation on the following:

  • Ages and types of individuals that live in assisted living homes.
  • Why individuals choose to move into assisted living.
  • Most individuals wish they had moved sooner into assisted living facilities.
  • Activities and services offered in assisted living facilities.
  • Who pays for the individual to live in assisted living.
  • Costs of living in an assisted living facility.
  • The Meadowbrook House is a brand new facility located in Meadowbrook neighborhood in Clemmons.
  • It has 6 bedrooms and is the only premier family care home in this area.
  • Pay is based on what level of care each individual needs.
  • Sarah discussed the medical and general services they offer at The Meadowbrook House.
  • The Meadowbrook House is wheelchair accessible.
  • The Grand Opening was in July 2012.
  • For more information please visit their website at:  www.themeadowbrookhouse.com.

Jorge thanked Sarah for her presentation and introduced Scott Tolley with Wake Forest Baptist Health.  Scott gave a one-minute presentation on the Clemmons Medical Plaza.  He spoke on the different services it offers.  The Grand Opening was in April 2012.  It has 13 different medical clinics.  Please call 336-716-WAKE to make an appointment with one of the doctors.  Scott mentioned that they are proud to be in this community and would love to have our business.

Jorge thanked Scott for his presentation.

John Golden, VP of Networking, gave a report on the benefits of joining a networking/leads group.  There are two leads groups now within the chamber.  Joining one is a great way to learn about other chamber members and to help grow your business.

Next, Dana Bryson, VP of Economic Development, gave a presentation on the economic development in this area.  Her information can be found on our website at:  www.lewisville-clemmons.com.  Please look under the tab News/Chamber News.

Claudia Page, VP of Events and Meetings, told the chamber about the Business-After- Hours being held next Wednesday, February 20th at The Meadowbrook House.  At the chamber meeting in March the Spotlight Speaker will be Novant and Dine by Design will be the caterer.

Joanna Lyall, Vice Chairperson, spoke about Clemmons Community Day to be held April 27th at the Jerry Long YMCA.  She said that booth and sponsorship forms were on the meeting tables.  The sponsor forms are important – we need sponsors right now.  The Village of Clemmons approved $2500 to be a Gold Sponsor for Clemmons Community Day.  The committee meets at the Jerry Long YMCA every Thursday at 9A for planning meetings, please join us.

Jorge thanked the Vice Presidents for their reports.

He mentioned that the RSVP deadline to attend a chamber meeting is by 12P the Friday before the meeting.  Also, only the Spotlight Speaker and the caterer are allowed to put promotional information on the tables.

One Minute Commercials were made by the following businesses:

  • Linda Bray – Bradley Personnel
  • Tim Ebert – Ebert Financial Services
  • Keela Johnson – Forsyth Magazines
  • Dana Bryson – The Village Inn and Event Center
  • Shea Crutchfield – The Mosquito Authority
  • Jim Publicover – Amulet Business Advisors
  • Maggie Moe – Business Cards, Etc.

Next, door prizes were handed out.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting will be March 12, 2013.