Education Event Insight

Insight from an attendee¬†at the Education Event we held last week.¬† If you did not attend…you really missed out!

If every aspect of your business is running flawlessly, or if you have over 500 employees, stop reading and go have some fun. If any aspect of your business is not exactly as you would like it to be, or if you have questions and don’t know who to ask, and you have less than 500 employees, read on.

When you joined the chamber did you expect services or programs that would help your business? The chamber sponsored a seminar for members Thursday, November 1, that revealed a source of help for all of us that is professional, proven and entirely FREE. If you missed this event (and all but four of us did), please do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes checking out the website of the Small Business and Technology Development Center (DBTDC). The SBTDC is a statewide university system program that advises small and mid-size businesses. Their goal is to make your business better. They have served over 115,000 North Carolina business owners and entrepreneurs and maintain 16 offices across the state, each supported by a local UNC campus.

This is not an academic enedeavor. Their professional staff is made up of business and industry professionals who have held executive positions and owned successful businesses. Their effectiveness is closely monitored to ensure that they are actually helping NC businesses improve. For every tax dollar used to support their programs, they generate $2.95 in tax dollars for the state through increased business from the businesses they help.

Most of us don’t have the resources of large corporations, but the SBTDC can provide the same types of services for us without the cost. Do yourself a favor, investigate their website or call 800-258-0862 to schedule an appointment. Their counselors will meet with you, learn about your business and the challenges you want to overcome, and help you overcome them so that you’re not working for nothing. There is no obligation, no cost and no commitment.

Even if the business you want to build is still just an idea and a dream, the SBTDC can help. Even if you’re doing pretty well or knocking it out of the park, but you have an area needing improvement, the SBTDC can help. Make use of this great resource. You’re not alone. Did I mention that it’s FREE?