Meeting Minutes January 10th, 2012

Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce
January 10, 2012
General Meeting

Jody Peske welcomed everyone to the meeting. She introduces herself and said she has been with the chamber almost 4 years. She works for Keller Williams Realty.

Paul Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes from last month. Nolan Grant seconded. The motion passed.

Jody then introduced the caterer, Simply Southern. It is owned by Tim & Lisa Miller. They offer a variety of casseroles and desserts.

Jody then talked about the Welcome Bag Program the chamber offers. You can pay $50 for a year to have items put in a bag that goes to all the new residents in Clemmons and Lewisville.

Duane Williams from Edward Jones Financial was then introduced as one of the speakers for today. Some key points were:

  • Plan for the Unexpected
  • Prepare for the Unexpected
  • Position your Portfolio for both
  • Staying on Track

Sharon Wise from Westlawn Gardens of Memory was introduced as the second speaker for today. Items she covered were:

  • If you don’t plan together, one of you will decide alone
  • Always a matter of necessity
  • Never a matter of choice
  • Responsibility is then left to others
  • Plan ahead

Jody then asked the board members who were in attendance to stand up and introduce themselves.

VP Reports

Events & Meetings: Claudia said that no Business Before Hours have been scheduled as yet. She also suggested that businesses could pair up if they wanted to host a Business Before or After Hours.

Clemmons Community Day will be held on April 28th this year, be looking for more information very soon.

Door Prizes were given out.

Introductions were made. Jody then implemented a new idea that was passed by the board. Anyone who wants to do a 60 second commercial can pay $5.00. There were a few people who accepted and gave their commercial. Maggie then stepped up and talked about a young 16 year old who is struggling with cancer. You can give money to help him at the Bank of Carolinas in Advance or Mocks Church. You can also go on Caring Bridge to follow his story.